The Snam Rete Gas site offers users several different ways of navigating in addition to the main menu.


- Selected topics:there is a list of links for accessing the most frequently selected topics


- Search: you can run a search through the site at any time.


- Key word: in some sections you can navigate with tags, key words that may be used to get a list of documents and pages associated with a specific topic.


- Topics and documents: every page of the Snam Rete Gas site, according to its contents, contains a selection of links within the site and documents relevant to the topics discussed on the page.


There are some tools and functions designed to:

make it easier and quicker to find information:

- Investor kit

- Press kit

find out about the coming Snam Rete Gas appointments

- Mail alert

receive information directly from the Snam Rete Gas site

- Feed RSS

contact Snam Rete Gas

- Contacts

Privacy and Conditions of Use

The Snam Rete Gas site has a dedicated page providing a detailed description of the company's privacy policy and conditions of use.


To optimize your view of the site, we recommend you install:

- Shockwave Flash - for animations and videos

- Adobe Acrobat Reader - for a large part of the documents that can be downloaded


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