Legal disclaimer

Legal disclaimer


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Any contents of Snam websites, including texts, documents, logos, images, graphics, video, their arrangement and adaptation on the same sites are subject to the laws on intellectual property and protected by copyright and royalties. The copy, alteration, distribution, publication or use of these contents on other sites to trading purposes is not permitted without the specific authorization of Snam. The sites contain images covered by third parties´ copyright.


Commercial Trademarks

Unless otherwise indicated, the trademarks and logos used on Snam sites are protected by commercial rights and are registered trademarks of Snam S.p.A.


Notice to visitors

The information present on Snam sites is periodically updated and checked. Notwithstanding, information could also contain some errors and result not complete, accurate or updated at any moment. Snam declines any responsibility concerning the completeness and updating of data and information supplied on the sites. Snam has no other obligation and responsibility deriving from inaccuracy or omissions, except when this is due to deception.


Financial information

Certain sections of the websites provide data, news and analyses on Snam shares and their performance in the Stock Market. Although all due care and diligence is taken in preparing such sections, they may not be immune from errors, imprecision or omissions, for which Snam S.p.A. declines any and all liability whatsoever.
The service may not be interpreted as a solicitation for public savings, and is absolutely not intended to encourage investment or speculation. The service is provided for informative purposes only; as such, Snam S.p.A. may under no circumstances be held liable for the consequences (including any damages) that may arise from the autonomous and independent use that users may make of the information learned by browsing Snam's websites.
Snam S.p.A. may decide at its sole discretion to modify the content and features of the service, or suspend the service entirely. The data available to users of the websites are provided for personal use only; use of the data for commercial purposes is prohibited. All forms of reproduction, retransmission, or transfer to third parties of the data acquired by browsing the websites are prohibited.
All rights connected to the use of the websites, and of the trademarks and/or logos contained herein are reserved. The reproduction (including diffusion and/or publication) and transmission to third parties of the data published on the pages of Snam's websites is strictly prohibited. No representation is made that the data displayed are reliable. Snam S.p.A. declines any and all liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies that may be found in the information and data provided herewith.



Snam is not responsible for the content of any other site that could be reached from the site itself or through which this site can be reached. Snam has no control on the contents of said sites and as mere third party, has no responsibility for the contents and materials, even of advertisement nature, released on these sites or for the products or services offered.
Said products or services cannot be considered sponsored, shared or supported in any way by Snam.


Messages sent through the site

The user undertakes any responsibility on the content of messages sent and commits himself as the sole responsible, relieving Snam S.p.A. and the subjects associated with or controlled by the same, its representatives, employees as well as any partner of Snam from any claim for consequential damages or compensation and indemnifies Snam S.p.A. of any possible charge deriving from claims or acts of third parties towards the same for damages deriving from the behaviour of the user or of persons authorized by the user to access the services.
Any possible information and material supplied by any user through the websites shall not be considered as having confidential or private nature. Therefore, Snam reserves the right to unreservedly use said information and material with the methods it will deem appropriate.


Use for lawful purposes

The user undertakes to use Snam's websites and its services for lawful purposes only and, in any case, without being prejudicial to the rights of any third party and paying particular attention to data protection regulations, laws in matter of intellectual and industrial property protection, protection of personal data, regulations in force concerning information criminality and regulations concerning telecommunications.

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