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Download the contest rules to participate in "Stories telling the future." Up for grabs three interactive whiteboards you can win with your school.


An educational project

An educational project that looks at the subject of biodiversity and analyses its importance and the need to protect and respect it for the wellbeing of the planet: this is the idea behind “Tales of the Future. Discovering the Network�?, Snam’s 2014 schools project.

Organised in conjunction with Italy’s Federparchi-Europarc (the Italian federation of parks and nature reserves) and sponsored by the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, the project sets out to consolidate awareness of how Snam operates with the utmost regard for the environment and the local area, and to engage new stakeholders.

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The project is aimed at 3rd, 4th and 5th grade primary school pupils and involves an interdisciplinary approach that promotes in-depth knowledge of sustainability-related issues, optimising the educational relationship and contact between teachers, pupils and families. In addition to schools all over Italy, the scheme also involves schools from other countries, particularly Austria (Baumgarten), Belgium (Brussels), France (Bordeaux and Pau) and England (Norwich and Bacton), in six cities in which Snam has specific interests with regard to its activities.

One thousand classes in Italy and Europe have joined the project for the 2013-2014 academic year. Each of them has been provided with a course pack which has been translated into the relevant language and is also available on this page. The material contained in the pack acts as a support for teachers during class work and facilitates the learning process for pupils. It includes:

  • A teacher’s guide with in-depth information on the subject and ideas for class activities;
  • Pupils’ notebooks, one for each child, which will accompany the class on their discovery of the wonderful world of biodiversity. These can be used both at school as well as at home, and contain interesting information and games;
  • A fun class poster to help teachers get pupils involved;
  • “Bio-Stories�? workbooks, one for each child, with six stories about the positive co-existence between the natural environment and man’s activities and respect for biodiversity;
  • An mp3 audio speaker, so that teachers can play the six Bio-Stories in class and fire up their pupils’ imagination;
  • A fun magnet for each child with the three mascots.

The “Tales of the Future�? project also involves an art competition, which aims to encourage children to represent the subject of biodiversity in their own creative way, and pupils will take inspiration from one of the six Bio-stories in the creation of a class picture.

The pictures will be examined by a special committee and the three classes with the best work will win an interactive whiteboard. All of the entries may also be used by an artist as inspiration for Snam’s 2015 calendar.

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